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This is a great poster design that uses abstract shapes and natural lighting to create shadows. Vibrant colours also grab your attention to the design. - April Greiman


Modern sprinkler timers save time, conserve water, and create healthier lawns...really! Watch this video from Rainbird to see how easy it is to replace your old timer with just a screwdriver. We sell Rainbird timers and sprinkler systems. | Supreme Sprinklers | Via: HomeClick

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POP-UP GARDEN SPRINKLER - late 1940s. Phil Epstein of Canterbury, Victoria bought the Garden sprinkler business of Harley H Irwin, then modified one of Irwin's designs so that it would pop up telescopically out of the lawn and deliver a variable water pattern. He also introduced the idea of a brass head, which proved to be far more durable. These innovations are still used in many modern sprinkler systems today.


Fire Fighting Sprinklers Cover Radius of 50 to 350 Feet - Modern Mechanix (Jan, 1932)

Beauty (1993) From the exhibition Take your time: Olafur Eliasson, installation view at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Gently falling mist from the overhead sprinklers produce iridescent effects as the light is diffracted on the tiny droplets of water as it descends. Other than the light and the mist the room is empty.


Modern Design : Mid Century Modern Graphic Design Patterns Backsplash Bedroom Midcentury Expansive Fencing Home Builders Sprinklers mid century modern graphic design patterns ~ Ahhualongganggou