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Modern Shovels And Spades

Tube 150th anniversary: How navvies paved way for Crossrail

One was hand dug by an army of men bearing shovels and spades working deep underground in high-risk conditions. The other boasts giant machines worth millions of pounds that bore deep below modern-day London.

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Sharpen Gardening Tools Clean and sharpen garden tools. Your shovels, spades, forks, and hoes take a beating and need extra care to get them ready for use next spring. A stiff wire brush should remove the worst of the dirt, but keep a piece of sandpaper handy for the really tough stuff. Next, draw a file down the end of the tool until a clean shiny edge is exposed–do not saw up and down.

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Stone figures from the Mezcala river basin have been known in Mexico for many years, exposed by the spade of occasional archeologists, the shovels of roadbuilders, and the plows of peasants in the remote mountain valleys of Guerrero. But until recently, this sculpture was but little known and less appreciated. As was the case with the art of so many archaic cultures, it took the experience of modern art to open our eye to this ancient art's force and beauty.

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