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Organic Farming 2.0: How No-Till Farming Might Save Modern Agriculture

No-till farming has been on some farmers' minds for over 20 years, but new developments have allowed organically-minded farmers to get in on the trend.


Five Easy Steps for Creating an Indoor/Outdoor Vertical Garden or Green Wall on


Companion Planting for Fruit Trees: Natural Insect Repellents

"While modern agriculture relies heavily on toxic chemicals to raise crops and control insects, home gardeners are reaping the benefits of companion planting, the natural way to attract beneficial insects and avoid the use of pesticides. FRUIT TREES can be protected if the right plants are used nearby. The method of course is not new."

Why Cyrus McCormick is the "Father of Modern Agriculture"

Why Cyrus McCormick is the "Father of Modern Agriculture": Cyrus McCormick, engraving by George Smillie

Modern agricultural techniques are typically wasteful in their use of #fertilizers. #Permaculture #GOGREEN #ecofriendly @MesaSostenible

Kingdoms of plant orders have Guilds of compatible families that benefit from each other. This is where Polyculture comes into play. By embracing genetic diversity we see tremendous benefits in the reduction of susceptibility to disease not having all your eggs in one basket while imitating the diversity of natural ecosystems. Today modern agriculture completely ignores the order of things all the beneficials and the soil food web entirely; Monoculture is the opposite where we focus on one…

Primitive Technology Lifehack vs World Amazing Modern Agriculture Machines - Machine Gallery