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German Tank development from the Panzer I to the proposed Panzer VIII, inter-war years until the end of WW2.

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Valerie Thomas is an African-American Physicist and Mathematician. She is the inventor of the Illusion Transmitter (improving television screen) as well as a lead project manager for one of NASA’s most utilized technologies - Landsat satellite series, which serve the purpose of capturing images from outer space and transmit them back to NASA for analyzing.

As an Asian American, I'd like anti-black people to stop using my race's successes to tell black people "they did it so why can't you." Two groups do not have the same experiences just because they are both minority --even Asians experience different struggles depending on ethnicity. Black people are not lazy compared to the hardworking Asian, they are not criminals compared to the model minority. In general black people have fewer choices and opportunities, and are hated more intensely and…

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Walter S. McAfee (September 2, 1914 - February 18, 1995) was an African American scientist and astronomer, notable for participating in the world's first first lunar radar echo experiments with Project Diana. McAfee was born in Ore City, Texas in Upshur County, as one of nine children. His parents grew up on a farm and his dad was a CME minister.

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6 Reasons We Need to Dismantle the Model Minority Myth of Those 'Hard-Working' Asians - Everyday Feminism

Tony Hansberry II, is a 9th-grader. The new sewing technique he has developed helps to to reduce the risk of complications and simplifies the hysterectomy procedure for less seasoned surgeons. He is only 15 years old, but has already become instrumental in developing an advanced surgical stitching procedure used in hysterectomies

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Dr. Marie Daly was a trailblazer in the field of biochemistry, and was the first African-American woman to earn a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Daly was a pioneer in researching the connection between high cholesterol and heart disease. #WomenInSTEM

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I think that Barbara Jordan (1936-1976) was one of the most remarkable women in our history. She was the first African American since Reconstruction to serve in the Texas Senate and then the first African American woman from the South to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In 1930, Elinor Smith was voted, "best female pilot" by her peers, a group that included Amelia Earhart. Smith's aviation records for endurance, altitude and speed in the 1920s and 30s led to worldwide fame.

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16 Stunning Photos That Shatter Society’s Stereotypes About Asian Men - Mic | Dae Na and Daniel Liu can get it.

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