The Big Question in Mobile App Development : iOS or Android?

The big question on the minds of the army of mobile app developers out there is "Is the future of mobile iOS or Android?

Insane but True Facts About The World of Mobile Apps #infographic

Insane but True Facts About The World of Mobile Apps

9 Most Important Features for Mobile Sites

9 Most Important Features for Mobile Sites

WEBSITES - "Top 9 Features Mobile Consumers Want On Your Mobile Website (Infographic) image mobile website features

These days, it seems that everyone wants to be an app developer. Thankfully, technology has lowered the barriers to entry, and young and somewhat old are..

One App Developer’s Humorous Take On How To Build A Successful App For iOS

Shaping a Technology Strategyfor Mobile DevelopmentALEX CONCONI© 2013 frog - All rights reserved

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When the Apple App Store first launched in July 2008, there were 800 apps. Today, there are over 1 million apps in the Google Play Store, and 1.2 million in the App Store. It’s no surprise that we love our apps. That’s what makes them great marketing tools. Just how does one go from app idea to app store? This infographic is going to take you through the whole process.

How To Go From App Idea To App Store

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Tips And Tricks For Web Designing Like A Pro

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Facebook's first earnings call as a public company has been hyped in the business press like a summer blockbuster. It's a shot at redemption, maybe the feel-good call of the summer. Or perhaps it wil

Facebook's First Earnings Call: What to Expect

Beginner's Guide to Social Media -To digital natives, it may be difficult to imagine a world without social media at our fingertips, but new users join these services every day.