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Mo Willems The Pigeon Needs a Bath

Easy instructions: How to DRAW the Pigeon from Mo Willems book series. #ThePigeonParty Don't let the Pigeon drive the bus by Mo Willems, and his new book The Pigeon Needs a Bath

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Get ready for fun Mo Willems games, crafts and more — like a cookie toss with Pigeon and a dance party with Elephant and Piggie!

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Don’t Let the Pigeon ______!

make your own pigeon book. I absolutely have to let my class do this. They love the book so much they cry when it's checked out of the library!

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Mo Willems Author Study. Read a Mo Willems book to the class and then discuss certain ways he uses to convey his stories. Introduce kids to aspects of a book, such as, big words mean the character is saying it loud.

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We Love Pigeon! Mo Willems Author Study

Do your students LOVE Mo Willems?! In this author study, students read Pigeon books, Elephant & Piggie books, and the Knuffle Bunny series! There are tons of activities, crafts and reader responses for these books!

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We read the Pigeon books during our Mo Willems author study. We made a T-chart to record if we would or would not let the Pigeon stay up late.

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Mo Willems Elephant and Piggie paper bag puppets - great craft to make in library and have students practice retelling or create their own dialogue

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