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lol that is exactly what I thought when I saw this scene

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superstarwordgirlartdump: Chat: What’s the motto with you, Hawk Moth? It’s a great pun! Please credit the artist when reposting~

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chebits: A #ladybug_60mins 【SKATING】 I finally have been able to do one of these things aaaaAAA here have Adrien having a good time trying to teach Marinette how to ice skate!

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Photographs by David Earl :: The Seven Deadly Sins: Lips :: 2

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I Don't Like - Damn! LOL

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Dude the butterfly fanatic needs to work on his puns

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How do you deal with feels from a fandom you know nothing about? I drew a line a long time ago and said I'm not watching Ladybug because there are cartoons and then there's kids TV but I clicked on one picture on Pinterest and I've spiralled

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Chat Noir can handle himself too ! Fights a lot just like ladybug

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I always thought Marinette would find out Adrien is Cat Noir through his puns haha!

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Miraculous Ladybug, how ladybug finds chat in a crowd

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