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Essential Oils ~ aromatherapy guide


How to Make Perfume with Essential Oils

How to Make Perfume with Essential Oils. I always smell yummy!


How to Dilute Essential Oils

How to Dilute Essential Oils Dilution Ratio Chart


10 Essential Oil Blends for Your Diffuser

I suffer frequently from several types of headaches — migraines, sinus, and tension. When I’m struggling with any of those, these are my favorite oils to have going in the diffuser. Add this essential oil blend to your diffuser (you can also mix it with a carrier oil in a roller bottle to use topically). Click on the image for more simple recipes for your diffuser.


Introducing Meraki. If you like Aesop, you'll LOVE Meraki. Meraki offer a unique mix of lifestyle and skin care products designed and developed in Denmark using the highest quality and most gentle ingredients. The MERAKI Ethos: • No parabens • No colorants • Containing only mild preservatives • 100% Organic essential oils and basic oils • Affordable pricing 7% off your first order with code: 7foryou


DIY Scented Candles

How to make soy candles out of teacups etc. so cute! i am doing this!


How to Make Bath Bombs

How to make bath bombs with essential oils. These were so easy to make and they really help my kids and myself clam down before bed.


Those essential oils you see lining your health food store shelves are for something after all! You probably already know your favorite scents, so it’s not hard to play mixologist and concoct your own fragrance oil or eau de parfum

Did you know that orange essential oil is an adaptogen, meaning it contains constituents that are both calming AND stimulating? It understands what your body needs and responds accordingly. Calming when you need to relax and energizing when you need a little get up and go. Isn't that amazing?!!