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Romney does just enough to pass his prime-time screen test

ann romney good housekeeping article | Mitt Romney and his wife Ann greet supporters in Florida. After his ...

'I love Ann': Young Romney's 1968 message of devotion written in the sand to his future wife

Mitt Romney is pictured in France circa 1968 with a message for his future wife. He made a series of photos for Ann with the help of his friends while serving as a Mormon missionary...presh!


Sundance Film Festival 2014 in pictures

Mitt Romney Wife Photo Gallery | Sundance 2014: the best of the festival

Feisty Obama takes the offensive against Romney in second debate

ann and mitt romney kissing | Mitt Romney kisses his wife Ann after the debate in New York

GOP darling Paul Ryan on running for president: ‘I don’t know’

Samuel L. Jackson causes his own storm as he says it's 'Unfair' Hurricane Isaac avoided GOP Convention as Ellen Barkin calls for delegates to be swept 'right into the ocean'

Mitt Romney Wife MS | Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann Romney ...


TSA Harasses Ron Paul, His Wife Carol Paul and his granddaughter in Florida - at a PRIVATE airport using a PRIVATE plane

Mitt Romney's wife Ann serves Welsh cakes

Romney's Wife's Health | Mitt Romney's wife Ann serves Welsh cakes

'It's a reminder that I can't keep up the pace': Ann Romney opens up about her battle with Multiple Sclerosis during campaign stop

Ann Romney. Mother. Wife. Hero. Independent. Woman of Faith. Ann Romney opens up about her struggle with Multiple Sclerosis


'It's not going to happen': Revealed, the poignant moment Romney admitted defeat... as wife Ann cried besides him

Too soon: Mitt Romney announced that he conceded the race to President Obama and stood on stage with his wife Ann, Paul and Janna Ryan. I will always love this man!!