Pierce the veil dedicates hold on till May to Mitch Lucker. Gif. I started crying when he salutes

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This poor man died in a motorcycle accident on November 1st at only age 28! and he was from a band called suicide Silence ..... He was A father,husband,brother, and son and friend. In memory for Mitch stomp everywhere all day on November 1st ( when he sang he'd stomp ) R.I.P Mitch <3 you'll be forever in our hearts

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(Austin Carlile) R.I.P. Mitch Lucker awwww :( this breaks my heart </3

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We had to make a shrine for our hero I chose him he's helped me learn fly and when I fall to just pick myself back up again

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Fucking love that song - you only live once - suicide silence - mitch lucker

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My chemical romance breaks up, we cry. Zyan leaves one direction. They cut themselves. Really?

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RIP Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence, Kenadee Lucker benefit | Adam Elmakias | Music Photographer

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