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The Story of La Taqueria’s Remastered Mission-Style Burrito

8 Reasons SD California Burritos Are Inferior to SF Mission Burritos

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The Story of the Mission Burrito, Piled High and Rolled Tight

The Story of the Mission Burrito, Piled High and Rolled Tight #Restaurants_Travel #burrito #San_Francisco

California Carne Asada Burrito

California Carne Asada Burrito - Stuffed with thinly sliced, tender marinated carne asada, cheese, salsa, avocado crema (pineapple optional) and the best part - Mexican french fries!!!


Easy Vegetarian Burrito

Pin for Later: The Ultimate Guide to Tex-Mex Recipes Easy Vegetarian Burrito Get the recipe: easy vegetarian burrito

San Francisco's wildest burritos: Beyond the California-Mexican Mission style

Is this the natural evolution of the Mission burrito, or is it an invasive species? The California-Mexican Mission burrito is still as essential to San Francisco identity as Karl the Fog, in spite of its co-option by chains like Chipotle and Qdoba. The taquerias that provide them are important democratic spaces in the Bay Area, and though they don’t seem in any immediate danger of gentrification, many feel that if the taquerias go, so goes the city. Fusion wraps had their moment in the…


Disclaimer: This post is contributed by my blog sponsor Mission Foods These burritos from blog sponsor Mission Foods are a great change up from your usual repertoire of rice dishes. INGREDIENTS (Makes 8) 8 Mission® Burrito Tortillas  or High-Fiber Tortillas 2 1/2 cups cooked Chicken, shredded 3/4 cups Long Grain White Rice 30g Taco Seasoning […]