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.. Will we ever talk again A.S? I miss your voice.. I kind of know what it's like, but it's disappearing..

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Out of Darkness:Follow The Light

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Baby I`m sorry I`ve spent a lot of time in the Lightroom yesterday and on Hampstead Heath shooting .Please don`t cry,I`m here.I love you honey.I`m going to work now.I`ll be online at 10.00 I suppose on my break till I`ll come to you here baby I love you I miss you.I`ll dry your tears I love you baby my goofy one I love and I miss .I love you ,I miss you honey I need you forever baby

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If you live in the moment, you can experience happiness. If you always worry about what your future is, you will miss the experiences of today. You can't predict the future, but you can change the present.

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This is so true. When all you want is to fall asleep with that unexplainable comfort knowing the person you need so badly will be there when you awake... My heart hurts missing you. Soon, but as you say, "with you, it's never soon enough." You've turned my world upside down A.

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Damm this is exactly what I'm feeling..... Im sorry to a good friend. I know you have feelings for him. Im sorry that him and i feel the way we do about each other. But what am i supposed to do?

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