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"we should make G.M. wheat with the properties of velcro to catch whatever it is that is making those crop circles!! But the spaceship would have to have the coresponding velcro so it's a bit of a long shot" - Bill Bailey


In pictures: Sir Alex's 99 signings for Manchester United

Roy Keane - Cobh Ramblers, Nottingham Forest, Manchester United, Celtic, Republic of Ireland.


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip the Duke of Edinburgh wave to the crowd as they leave the 'Recollections Of World War II Commemoration Show', an hour long show performed for thousands of World War II veterans marking the end of the World War II 60 years ago, at Horse Guards Parade on National Commemoration Day July 10, 2005 in London. The show included two minutes' silence in remembrance of the fallen, and the Royal Air Force Missing Man formation flew over Horse Guards Parade.


Missing Man formation flown by RCAF CF-18s for Capt. Thomas McQueen, 7 Dec 2016

Washington D.C. flyover to mark 70th anniversary of Allied WW2 victory

Vintage: World War Two fighters fly the Missing Man formation during a flyover near the Washington Monument in Washington on Friday

11-12-16 Here the Blues fly in the Missing Man formation, an aerial salute in memory of a fallen pilot. The aircraft missing from the formation is honoring a person who has died and it represents their departure. On June 2nd of this year, Blue Angel pilot Captain Jeff Kuss died in a crash in Tennessee while the Blue Angels were performing a Split S Maneuver. A complete stay was immediately put on that maneuver until it is cleared by the chief of Naval Air Training in the future.

How young is she referring too? Middle school age CHILDREN. At 18 they are signing up for the military! The only knuckleheads she could be referring to are those that voted for her husband!!!!