It's so sad that this person hardly calls us and then wants he's bro to do him a favor I don't think so ! It's so strange how someone can have so much influence on you

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Mi familia es muy importante, me gusta pasar tiempo con mi familia por ejemplo veo el fútbol en directo con mi padre.

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My family is on my mind all the time..They are so missed! I have been so blessed with such a loving and supportive family. AMH

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Yep, that's ME!! Always there for everyone, but not everyone always there for me, are you? The only two people I could/can ALWAYS count on was my Mom (Bless Her Soul & Miss Her So) and now my husband. I've been shocked by the actions of those whom I no longer consider family, will never forgive them. Always trusting everyone, I find myself very cautious now & trusting NO ONE until they have earned that trust.

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