I will never stop loving you xx I just want to come home now, I miss you Every day and every night. All I think about is you xx

10 Great Love Quotes from Amazing Authors

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In the 5 years i've been away from maryland, I lost touch with a lot of people, including the girl who was my best friend, Amanda. I miss her & I truly do miss how close we were.

You're not the same person anymore, and that is quite sad. #quotes

ah best friend breakups are just as bad as relationship ones even though I always thought I'd never actually get attached to you

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I wanna text you but I'm scared, I don't wanna ruin any chance of getting you back 💜💜💜

33 Quotes about Missing Someone you Love

33 Quotes about Missing Someone you Love

I miss our everything. Silly puns, picnics, midnight old school music jam sessions, bed cheetos. I miss all the little things. But most of all I miss you. I miss your love