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Miss Universe 2014

17 Equations That Changed The World - My first college Physics professor used to shout at the class that Physics is not formulas.


Einstein's general theory of relativity suggests, among other things, that masses in space distort the geometry of space-time. In addition, moving objects emit waves of gravitational radiation that carry energy away into space.


David Bowie 1947-2016: life and career in pictures

1999: David Bowie performing at The Astoria in London during 'The Hours... Tour'


Ritz Hotel, 1900. The Ritz, London is a Grade II listed 5-star hotel located in Piccadilly in London, England. A symbol of high society and luxury, the hotel is one of the world's most prestigious and best known hotels. It is a member of the international consortium, The Leading Hotels of the World. The hotel was opened by Swiss hotelier César Ritz in May 1906, eight years after he established the Hôtel Ritz Paris.

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MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH: Bee Venom Shown To Kill HIV...

Fleets Of UFOs Passing In Front Of Moon On Live Cam, April 21, 2014 ~ These UFOs are moving faster than any bird, balloon or plane. Even a jet couldn't catch up with those UFOs. No wings, no tails, no flapping, nothing but long dark objects. This cam looks like a very useful tool for those who want to catch a UFO, but have your screen recorder going or you may miss them. Live Cam: #aliens #ufo #moon #universe


Jin Ye / 靳烨 / 靳燁 Chinese model #China***Ravinder Dahiya, age 45, born 1970,,, 一个性广告投放,男,45岁,1970年出生,国家印度,欺骗年轻女性在香港机场。2014年,2015年,2016年......很长一段时间。这些妇女来自中国,也从俄罗斯的白人妇女。他是邪恶的。他至少有一个帮手。他也是来自印度。低类辅助工作在机场穿着制服。我们发布很多信息来帮助中国。魔鬼来自印度,和销售我们自己的女人!Ravinder Dahiya, born 1970, age 45.******