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I love my dad wallpapers for mothers day My mother taught me everything except, how to live without her.

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I even miss you when you give me a hard time. I miss you calling my teeth nubs, because you're right. I miss everything we once had. I miss worship together. I miss bible study together. I miss your family. I miss us.

I miss you every single moment...

Heartfelt Love And Life Quotes: I miss you all the time, but I miss you most when i lay awake at night and think of all the wonderful times we spent together

:( :( :( :( :( missing my "M"oon; my happy place sooo soooo soooo soooo much...i wish him all the happiness, joyyy and  love in the world....

Always on my mind, Always in my heart. Life without my lovely daughter Chevon -

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There is always something missing, it's you. A part of me is missing without you 😢💔😔😣 Oh and Dr said I'm fine, growing pains (which boobs did get bigger) and possible "breast cyst". They haven't hurt in a while but make another appt if so.

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52 Beautiful Inspiring Mother Daughter Quotes And Sayings

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it may not have been real for you, but it always was for me. i miss you sm every day. i wish we could go back to how things used to be.missing you.

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Image result for rainy day motivational quotes



Those french people;)

"In French, you don't say 'I miss you.' You say 'tu me manques' which means, 'you are missing from me.' I love that.