I miss my parents so much especially the "girly girl" talks I used to have with my Mom!     ❤️simplyaline.com

Feeling sad that it was frustrated with talking to you two to three times a day.but now I Miss it! I miss you Dad! You were my # 1 support system.

miss my mom. Honestly. I wish so many things were different. I want the support. It must be nice to have the support all around. Even if it was just over the phone I miss it. She may have had her problems but I love her. She was my mom no matter what and I miss that. I just want to cry to her today and have her tell me again that its ok and all the reasons I can do this and that I don't need anyone else.

Miss my mom tremendously. My heart aches for her time & time again. They pain never goes away. You just learn how to live with it.