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this is my FAAAAAAVORITE farming scenery. it reminds me of being a child and driving through the sandhills. it makes me miss home and makes me want to live out in the country!


Tom Dixon Shop: A room design you shouldn’t miss

WOW! How amazing would this be over the dining room table. Copper Pendant cluster lights. Stunning dinning room / Tom Dixon pendant lighting / love the pendants (photo looks much better when you click it)


Steppenwolf in Kansas City, Feb 1969. Missing the days when top-price concert tickets were $5 and the posters were worth framing.


Backyard garden...Love. The only thing missing is a small round table w/ 2 chairs & a glass of wine to sit back & reflect on it all. My dream :)


So... is this why half the road signs in Kansas are always missing? Folks there are so bored, they stole them and took them home! XD