Hormones are the chemical messengers that regulate all of the bodily functions throughout your body. Your hormones are responsible for making sure you get the right things you need to function properly and stay healthy.

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How to Prevent Mirena Weight Gain

Been kind of MIA today because I finally made the decision to get an IUD. I got it this afternoon and I'm in pain. Absolute pain. Haha I ended up getting #Mirena IUD instead of the #ParaGard. I honestly wanted the ParaGard because it doesn't have hormones and I heard that you can gain weight with the Mirena. BUT... My doctor advised me to get the Mirena instead... I explained to her that I lost a lot of weight and I really don't want to gain it back (also this week has been a BAD week for…

Mirena Detox Reviews - Mirena Weight Gain

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How to Eliminate All Your Mirena Side Effects & Lose Weight

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Mirena and Mirena Weight Gain

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