Miracle Swimsuit for Post-Partum Mamas // I admit I hated the idea of a swimsuit from WalMart, but being a mom on a budget, I am actually excited to wear a swimsuit this summer for the first time since my honeymoon... 5 years ago, and to me that's worth bending my moral compass a bit!

Tried one of these 'miracle' swimsuits on...they say on the ticket you lose 10lbs in 10 seconds....and it's TRUE !!! Fantastic swimsuit !

Trendy Plus Size Fashion for Women: Swimwear! Officially DISGUSTED that these women are considered PLUS SIZE are you kidding me! They look fucking average. Okay my little tangent had NOTHING to do with the article/point of the initial pin but GRRRR THAT'S ANNOYING!

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Colorful Miracle swimsuit This suit makes you look 10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds.It is made of a new fabric called miratex which has 3 times as much spandex as the average suit, and provides triple the holding power. Miraclesuit Swim One Pieces

TravelSmith (Miracle swimsuit, all sizes, Miracle swim shorts are also available....awesome fit/comfortable and yes, everyone should own a swimsuit!)

ATHLETA one piece underwire miracle swimsuit 32D ATHLETA one piece underwire twister miracle swimsuit 32D/DD Small. Black with Robin's Egg blue inner lining. Very well made, built to last. NWT. hygienic pantry liner still in place. Athleta Swim One Pieces

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