Minimum wage in virginia

LEGISLATIVE SOCIAL MEDIA POLICIES AND RESOURCES - State legislative caucuses and agencies increasingly are using social networking sites to reach out to constituents, but the sites can raise questions for government… The policies and resources provided here are examples of some of the approaches state legislatures and other organizations are taking to address these issues | NCSL

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Ed Gillespie downplayed the difficulties of living on the minimum wage in a video of the Republican Senate candidate speaking to voters in Virginia Beach. "A minimum wage job is where you learn to get to work on time. It's where you learn th...


Democrat controlled House in West Virginia passed legislation raising the state's minimum wage to $8.75 an hour, $1.50 higher than the federal minimum wage. Action part of nation-wide effort by Dems to make wage increase central to their platform. DISGUSTING WV

What can YOU do? The Campaign for Disability Employment encourages positive employment for people with disabilities. Frank Stephens is a worker at Wildflour Cateres and Cafe in Virginia. He is very proud of his job and "articulates very well the value of meaning employment."

A Fight for $15 protester in Richmond, Virginia, demonstrating for a higher minimum wage.

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Virginia Lt. Governor Ralph Northam endorsed giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens on Thursday in the swing state that has been a hotbed of election integrity controversies. Northam, considered the front-runner for the Democratic nomination to replace Gov. Terry McAuliffe, made his comments during an appearance at a rally in support of raising the minimum wage. “[Democrats] want illegal aliens to vote because they know that they are going to vote for them, and it’s the only way they can…

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