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35 Beautiful Wallpaper for Living Room

Elegant Minimalist Bathroom Furniture With Natural Materials #Bathroom_Furniture #Top_Pinned_Bathroom_Furniture #Best_Bathroom_Furniture

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Another trend is to combine modern style minimalist furniture with modern Victorian style. That is, are typically Victorian designs with modern materials and colors, like black and white or silver mixed with pink or purple. This combination looks very dramatic and very feminine looks, so it is used to design a bathroom for women or achieve the break right in a house with a too masculine design.

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Minimalist Bathrooms by Clay

Minimalist Bathrooms by Clay Clay is a bathroom furniture design/production company based in the Netherlands. They focus...

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25 Spring Furniture Pieces for your Home

A disappearing sanitary ware design has been made possible by topping the washbasin, toilet bowl and shower tray with solid larch wood cover...

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