Minimalism art

Tomasz Gawroński

Black and White Art Geometric Grafic Art 4 Fun Concept contemporary art Artist Tomasz Gawroński

Georgiana Paraschiv

Graphic Patterns, White Patterns, Print Patterns, Minimalism Art, Paint Texture, Mark Making, Graphic Illustration, Monochrome, Motif

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Hand drawn

Georgia O'Keeffe's hands are the inspiration for Jigsaw's latest capsule collection, plus discover the work of Frederic Forest.

French Connection AW14 Inspiration - Paint

White photography - Beautiful example of how form is shaped by the modulation of light.

Design | Tumblr

looking deeper contemporary minimalist abstract paper art sculpture painting with canvas the creation of line, shadow and light through the works growing layers gives the work its depth and meaning

Nikita Gale - Various materials (gouache, oil, chalk marker, marker, ink, pencil, charcoal, spray paint, sequins, glitter, acrylic, oil stick)

Nikita Gale - Various materials (gouache, oil, chalk marker, marker, ink…