Nail design trends are always changing and it’s easy to see why! New materials are opening up doors to new possibilities and people are using their imaginations and creativity to come up with breathtakingly beautiful designs.

Minecraft nails! Via Reddit user @kajaclair

Minecraft nails because I'm pumped about the update (too excited for proper clean up).

minecraft nail i will have to do for andrew

attackedastoria: since i’m the most indulgent person ever, i did a little minecraft creeper on my nail for my bf.

This inspires me because I find nail art quite talented and needing to have lots of patience, something I lack. I also find this pick inspiring because it is minecraft based, a game I spend a lot of my free time playing.

20 Puuuurfect Cat Manicures Cat Nail Art Designs For Lovers

Maya Ramirez❤️ @mayasnailart | Websta (Webstagram)

Instagram Post by M a y a G e n a v i e v e (@mayasnailart)

Minecraft nails (The link doesn't take you to a tutorial, but it does show you some more pics) - I'd love to try this out one day! I love Minecraft so much! K.S. -

minecraft nails

Minecraft nail art (The link doesnt take you to a tutorial, but it does show you some more pics)😜

Minecraft Nail Art | Nerd Nail Series - YouTube(cutepolish)

In todays episode of my Nerd Nail Series, Ill be sharing a really fun and colorful DIY nail art design inspired by the video game Minecraft!