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How to Be a Mindful Parent - 3 life changing yet simple practices

from Left Brain Buddha

Our Bedtime Ritual: A Help, a Thanks, or a Wow

How I'm transforming a bedtime routine into a bedtime ritual with my daughter. #mindfulness

from Kids Yoga Stories

Mindful Parenting Books

My 5 Favorite Mindful Parenting Books (+ other great ones) | Kids Yoga Stories

from Mama Smiles

10 Steps to Mindful Parenting

My life was transformed when I took these 10 steps to mindful parenting. Kids are a lot of work. Thanks to this approach, I love parenting and the work is more than worth the effort!

from Sleeping Should Be Easy

How to Be a Mindful Parent

Incorporate meditation and being in the moment with mindful parenting. Learn to stop getting angry and pause before reacting with these mindfulness tips.


5 Things Most People Don’t Know About Mindful Parenting | mostly mindful mommy

Found parents some advice, trust me I'm a psychologist
from 9GAG

Found parents some advice, trust me I'm a psychologist

I started reading this and at first thought how rude, but I kept reading and thought I am or have been guilty of a lot of those and shows I do need to change/better my parenting skills... because my children deserve it. ❤ (Found parents some advice.... From a psychologist)


If you want a strong relationship with your child, you need to know about the Magic 5:1 Ratio! This is the most important parenting tip you'll ever hear because research shows it's absolutely vital to a happy, healthy relationship. And the best part? Your


Examples of how we react vs. respond to our kids.