And Inception is in top of my list. But I don't understand why Pan's Labyrinth is included here. It's not confusing at all. That and The Fall. Seems perfectly understandable for me. Big Fish. Unknown.   But 12 Monkeys did mess with me for a few times. I managed to watch it again last night. And Finally got it!! Wheeew.

Mr nobody f**ked me up, but inception is another story

can someone make a splitting of the mind a movie

can someone make a splitting of the mind a movie

normally I don't say this, but this seriously blew my mind. They hate him and have no idea why, so they blame the magic.

Harry potter

Umbridge wore a horcrux for months and was not affected. I think that the horcruxes have no effect on already horrible people.

Best Mindf**k Movies Part 3 (listed) - 9GAG

Best Mindf**k Movies Part 3 (listed)

connection between disney movies - Google Search

When I first saw this pin I thought it was saying that the carrot was one of Hans brothers. Kristoff is eating Hans' brother?

An Insane Theory That Would Put Disney's Frozen, Tangled, and The Little Mermaid in the same Universe - #Disney, #Movies

Disney is very clever. This is a huge plot twist. Also Elsa and Anna's parents did not die right away they floated to an island were Elsa and Anna's pregnant mom had tarsan and was eaten by the jaguar (For the Disney fandom)

That means Jack is Elsa's uncle, that's just so wrong after all of the fanfic I've read on them

So you like to be mindf**ked?

How Elsa Got Her Powers. If that theory is true, then Jack Frost would be Elsa`s uncle and therefore shouldn`t be shipped.

28 Best Mind Twisting Movies - List of Films With Surprise Twist Endings

The 28 Best Movie Plot Twists

28 Best Mind Twisting Movies - List of Films With Surprise Twist Endings

When Disney endings meet the real fairy tale endings... Well, this is depressing. No wonder Disney came up with better stories and endings!

The real Disney stories…

I would call them "classic" endings as opposed to "true" endings. They are true endings to the original stories, but the true ending of Disney movies are IN those movies.

Scorcese's much discussed flick with Di Caprio just being his paranoid best. Gripping but nowhere a classic. 7/10

Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island by Martin Scorsese ♥♥♥♥♡ Drama set in U. Marshal Teddy Daniels is investigating the disappearance of a murderess who escaped from a hospital for the criminally insane and is presumed to be hiding nearby.

[[Dear Katniss,  I had a younger sister too, you know. Someone I would’ve done anything for, volunteered for, even. And when I saw you volunteer for Prim, I knew I needed to protect you in the arena. So I followed you, and when I thought my job was well done, I committed suicide. Of course I knew the berries were Nightlock.  Yours truly, Foxface]]

oh my gosh.i've always rolled my eyes (mostly) with these letters and 'plot twists' but this one hit me.