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The New Den, Millwall FC. capacity 20,146 always had a good day out at the Den!!

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Mill wall, East London ~ The association with Cockney and the East End in the public imagination may be due to many people assuming that Bow Bells are to be found in the district of Bow, rather than the lesser known St Mary-le-Bow church. Thus while all East Enders are Cockneys, not all Cockneys are East Enders.

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Family Tour of Millwall FC Stadium

• Walk in the footsteps of footballing legends with a tour of ‘The Den’ • Visit the iconic Millwall bus, the players’ tunnel and dressing rooms and discover the club’s history • Available on selected dates throughout the year

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Though fourth generation Arsenal and his kids, if he had any, would be fifth. Millwall were Jimmy's boys. Plus, five onto one was a liberty. The train stopped and a scan of Whitechapel's platform revealed it devoid of plain Uns or off-duty coppers. Amongst the women and office bods was a Rasie looking black man who was leaning against the 'Out Of Use' chocolate machine, eying the Scousers and kissing his teeth...

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