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Louis Farrakhan (born Louis Eugene Wolcott), formerly Louis X, leader of the mainly African-American religious movement the Nation of Islam (NOI). After the disbanding of the NOI by Elijah Muhammad's son, Farrakhan regained & reopened over 130 NOI mosques in the US & the world. He also organized & led the Million Man March in DC. He has been both praised & criticized for his often controversial political views & outspoken rhetorical style. He currently claims to be both a Muslim and a…

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World War One wasteland: Haunting rare images show apocalyptic destruction on the Western Front

Shot to pieces: The wreckage of a tank. Some 7.5million men lost their lives on the Western Front during World War One

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It's 20 years since the best £1million signing of all time. Here the key players recall the reign of King Cantona

Wembley winner: Cantona (right) poses with Mark Hughes (left) after United beat Chelsea 4-0 in the 1994 FA Cup final


Egypt in crisis: protesters call for "million man march"

Egypt in crisis: protesters call for "million man march" - Telegraph

9-11-2001 BBC News 24 countdown sequence - June 2007 - full version BBC news mobile advert