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Teddy Bear Race Cars

Teddy Bear Race Cars 1 packet of mini Mars Bars or Milky Way bars 1 family packet of m&ms 1 box of Tiny Teddy cookies

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SO DOING THIS! 1. Teddy Bear Race Cars These are adorable! This candy snack is especially fitting for a boy’s birthday party or any car themed party – made with Teddy Grahams, Milky Way bars, chocolate melts, and M’s or Skittles.

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Milky Way over Reflection Lake My buddy Shaun and I went on a five-day road trip up through Oregon and we decided to stop at Lassen Volcanic National Park on the way back since neither of us had ever been. We talked about photographing the Milky Way if the skies were clear. We both fell asleep in the car but I woke up around 2AM after the moon had set. I stepped outside and immediately was in awe. I could see the core of the Milky Way with its dust lanes very clearly with my naked eye. I…

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Milky Way Cars

Milky Way Cars Sticking On Beanies

Take the Best Nighttime Photo of Your Life

Great nighttime shots—the ones with crystal-clear stars and the Milky Way practically jumping off the screen—are always a big hit on Instagram.

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Galaxy print car front seat covers; space 1999 star wars milky way space galaxy star trek

Galaxy print car seat covers: car front seat covers. by funkmyseat

Milky Way Cars

Milky Way Cars | Planning With Kids

9-gigapixel image of the Milky Way reminds us just how small we truly are

9-gigapixel image of the Milky Way reminds us just how small we truly are -- Engadget

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The slanting winter Milky Way touches many of the familiar, bright constellations of the December sky. This map shows the sky facing southeast around 11 o'clock local time in early December or 9 p.m. in late December. Source: Stellarium