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Paulette Goddard & Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin had 11 children and was married four times - to Mildred Harris, Lita Grey, Paulette Goddard and Oona O'Neill.


New book reveals Charlie Chaplin's obsession with young girls

Chaplin met 16-year-old child actress Mildred Harris at a party in 1918. By then he was 29 and one of Hollywood's richest actors


Mildred Harris (2nd from left), Olive Borden (6th from left), Leatrice Joy (center), Sally Rand (7th from right), on-set of the Silent Film, "The Dressmaker from Paris", 1925

Charlie Chaplin became the world's biggest star

In 1918, when he was 29, Chaplin began a relationship with Mildred Harris, a 17-year-old a...