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Signs and Symptoms of Mild Autism

Signs and Symptoms of Mild Autism Do you think your child may have Autism or think you know someone that may have it? This list may help! #autism #signsofautism #mildautism

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What Is Mild Autism?

What is "mild autism"? Is it different from or the same as Asperger syndrome?

Symptoms of Mild Autism - If you've been searching for the symptoms of autism and haven't felt that they match the characteristics your child has been exhibiting, that may mean that he has a mild form of the disorder. This mild form of autism is also referred to as high functioning autism or Asperger's syndrome. In this type of autism, children have a lower degree of the classic symptoms, and sometimes people may not even notice them until they read each of the symptoms.


"Whatever you do in life, find a place where you can play to your strengths. - People with autism (or ADHD) have more in common with others than we think. One major thing is this: if we get the chance to play to our strengths, boy can we play to our strengths."


high functioning autism/aspergers syndrome Click on link below for excellent information about educational supports.