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Mikey Way at a concert rockin his usual poker face.. gotta love him!

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Mikey Way for president.. i will find a way to vote even though im underage..

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Mikey and Gerard Way back to back in the Sing video. I'm still sad that Gerard got shock in the jaw, I keep crying every time I see it!!!!!!

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{Mikey Way}{Kidnapped} "Hi," I start off shyly. "I-Im Mikey. Um.." I messnwith my fingers. "There really isnt much to know about me.. Well, I play bass. I love coffee and comic books and Im gery shy and awkward."

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Mikey Way - My Chemical Romance My Favourite Bassist

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Gerard Way ~ Truth, Mystery and Myth

Photoshoot by Mark Abrahams (9 December 2009): Mikey Way & Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance.

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Mikey Way and his glittery bass.<<<to be more specific, Mikey Way and his gorgeous Squier Mustang bass that is almost as perfect as him.

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