Mike Tyson Prison

The Homer They Fall

Drederick Tatum's theme song is Time 4 Sum Aksion by Redman. It was the same song chosen by Mike Tyson for his first fight upon his prison release.

Mike Tyson’s Former Mansion Becomes a Megachurch

The heavyweight’s eerie, vacant estate is being born-again.

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Trump’s Sad Crew of C-Listers: How Hollywood Stars Have Always Shunned The Donald

From latching on to a fresh-out-of-prison-for-rape Mike Tyson to the inauguration hiring problems, A-listers have always been out of reach for Donald Trump.

A prayer from Mike Tyson as he leaves jail: from the archive, 25 March 1995

25 March 1995: Mike Tyson leaves the Indiana Youth Centre with Don King after serving a three-year prison sentence for rape

What binds this epic collection of Empty & Abandoned Buildings is a pervasive melancholic atmosphere and environments of unlikely and baffling beauty.

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