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Mike's Pastry

Mike's Pastry - a favorite spot for tourists in Boston's Italian North End, Mike's Pastry is famous for their out-of-this-world cannoli! This bakery is hard to miss...since you can spot people lining up for blocks away! Once inside, the smell of baked goods and the sight of so many different flavors of cannoli makes this place a dessert heaven.

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Nutella Filled Doughnuts (Made in the Actifry)

Doughnuts. Who doesn't LOVE doughnuts? These Nutella doughnuts are not like all the others - they have been made in an Actifry. All the flavour, so much less of the fat. Soft, doughy balls filled with a rich, chocolatey centre - the perfect combination. What are you waiting for?!

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Warming English Winter Beef Cobbler and easy Biscuits/Savory Scone Recipe

Warming English Winter Beef Cobbler and easy Biscuits/Savory Scone Recipe Follow us! - RP by Splashtablet the suction-mount Kitchen Case. Cook this while you watch Netflix! Free Shipping on Come see the reviews!

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A new recipe/tip "Pork Scratchings a la Tom Kerridge" has been posted on our website. Visit our website for more recipes and useful cooking ideas :)

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Black Forest Mini Cakes

Black Forest Mini Cakes are mini layer cakes filled with moist chocolate cake, Kirsch syrup, chocolate pastry cream, and fresh cherries.

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Pepper quiche cups

A gorgeous twist on the traditional quiche, which swaps out the pastry for peppers and fills them with a classic mix of eggs, milk, cheese, made extra special with a pinch of sage. Fluffy,low carb, satisfying and packed with flavour. Awesome!

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The French pastry chefs design a spectacular Easter

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