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Bravery beyond belief: The awesome and inspiring stories behind the VC and George Cross

Submarine heroes: Leading Seaman James Magennis VC and Lieutenant Ian Fraser VC outside Buckingham Palace in July 1945

pin 14 | 916 by the Sea | The USS Everett F. Larson. Now the ROKS Jeon Buk. This destroyer exists on the coast of the East Sea, unusually not in the water but displayed on land. Located next to the North Korean midget submarine just outside of Gangneung, South Korea.

WW2 Midget Submarine Delphin I and II plans ! 1945 !

At the end of World War II, Allied occupation forces found hundreds of midget submarines built and building in Japan, including large numbers of the “Koryu” type. Many of these boats were in massed groups at shipyards and naval bases.

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James Magennis:Ulsterman awarded The Victoria Cross (VC). Belfastman decorated for his heroic actions onboard the X.E.11 Midget Submarine returning from the attack on a japanese cruiser. James Magennis with Lord Mayor Sir Crawford McCullagh at a civic reception in Belfast in 1945.

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Japanese prisoners assist in raising midget submarine HA-53, Simpson Harbor, Rabaul. - New Guinea during World War II 18 Best of Web Shrine

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14 in Nevada class battleship USS Oklahoma capsized under Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941 and is shown here after being righted, with the extent of torpedo damage obvious. Unlike all other battleships struck that day bar USS Arizona (which blew up) she was too badly damaged ever to return to service.

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