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Back-to-School Brain-Boosting Icebreakers

Creative and thoughtful upper elementary and middle school back-to-school classroom icebreaker ideas with free printables 06967

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Elementary school vs. Middle School vs. High School vs. College -

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25 Moments Everyone Who Was Once A Teen Will Remember

This actually happened once to me in the fifth grade. My teacher didn't know there was a "bad language word" in the book. I froze up when I got to the part and she told me to continue reading, so I said the word and got into trouble. I tried explaining but she wouldn't take the blame, so yeah...

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This Teacher Forces Her To Answer Her Phone In Class On Speaker, And Instantly Regrets It

go follow gemma her account is great and ive been following her forever and love her account ! ❤️ tagged below

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Like a Boss Meme Collection - The best of the Like a Boss Meme. I must remember this.

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Dummies of the Year

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Fire Drills. been through elementry school:so true. almost through middle school: so true. not yet to highschool. seems true.

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i am both of these people depending on the situation

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heart 10 Except I actually see it as a a basket...and I have a very good shooting percentage!!

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Our middle school actually banned bottle flipping( but no one listens)