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Reward Coupons for Middle and High School Students

Rewards and Incentives for Middle School and High School Students- The perfect classroom management system to promote positive behavior in class so the focus can remain on learning. Right Down the Middle with Andrea


52-Week Reading Challenge for Teens

This reading challenge for teens is fun, outside the box, and interesting enough your kids will want to accept my challenge to read 52 books in the coming year!

Classroom management harry potter style. For middle school, each block is a house and receive points. I am using marbles in mason jars for each block.


This is a little above my students' level, but if the slip were to be modified to be a visual slip, it could still fulfill the role of forcing students to define and address their misbehavior.


12 Creative (and Cheap) Incentives for Middle School

Student rewards don't have to be expensive or complicated! Incentives for middle school students just have to be fun and consistent. Perfect for PBIS! |

20 Positive Behavior Rewards that Aren't Food

20 Whole-Class Rewards that Aren't Food. Perfect for positive behavior rewards and goal setting! (The Brown Bag Teacher)


Reward Coupons for Middle and High School Students

Do you need a classroom management system that doesn't break the bank? If you answered yes, you need to check out these incentives for middle school and high school students. The students love them!

The Simplest Classroom Management System Ever! I just wonder if this would work for middle school. I like how it's very basic and doesn't require constant rewards. Even so, I would want to be able to recognize single students...