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Use these simple checklists and templates to plan for your upcoming middle school or elementary school choir concert! If you find it helpful, please leave a review or like my page!

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Tips for Working with Middle School Youth Choirs

20 tips for working with a middle school youth choir (6th-8th graders) - warm-ups, working with changing voices, choosing repertoire, and more! | @ashleydanyew

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I'm speechless when it comes to this song...just amazing for a middle school choir.

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Oh No, I have to Teach Middle School Choir

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Warm up: Call and response clapping with great vocal inflections. This is a great example of how to maintain a beat or rhythm in a vocal warm-up. You could then build upon this as an ensemble to consider how rhythm can be used in your acting dialogue.

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Must Teach Middle School Routines and Procedures