“Steve Buscemi poses with a man who turned his dismissal from The Big Lebowski into an effective #WomensMarch protest sign.”

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I remember driving past the fire house with Vicky and Amy and Vicky always saying "Salute" and we all threw up the middle finger. Those were the days!!! lol I love the simplicity of a middle finger, it is so simple but says soooo much!!!!

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Middle Fingers Up... Tell him boy, bye.

When things are bad and I'm feeling depressed or self destructive this is totally what I look like on the inside, even if my outside looks normal.

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A Guide To Deduction: #6 An indent or lump on the middle finger of the hand indicates the person writes a lot using that hand.

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try telling that to the people who still think im the most disgusting thing that ever walked the planet

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