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Middle back pain is a painful issue, which makes the person uncomfortable while standing, sitting and even while sleeping. This issue can be cured by doing certain exercises daily, which are regarded as the most effective remedies for middle back pain.

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Yoga for Back Pain

Useful for the middle of the semester when the awful lecture seating starts getting to my back. #yoga

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YOGA SEQUENCE TO WHEEL POSE: This sequence is targeted to those who feel strong but not open enough to do wheel pose, results may not be instant but these things take time & dedication. Do warm up well, I have a "Back Bending Warm Up" sequence in my feed, just scroll down - 1. BLOCK STRETCH My go to for opening the middle & upper back so that I don't over bend & dump weight in the lower back. Bending from 1 part of the spine is I guess ok if you don't feel pain but for me I prefer to bend…

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Yoga Essential Flow

Try these yoga corrective poses to strengthen and stretch your back muscles and improve spinal alignment! This 10 minute yoga flow is designed to help you stand tall and become aware of your posture.

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Life Hacks on

gotta get my splits back since I've started taking ballet again - I'm the only one in the class that can't do them!

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How to choose the best mattress for back pain

working on the right side. squaring it up

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What's causing your back pain? Learn about the many lower, middle, & upper back conditions that can occur to your spine & cause you discomfort. | BraceAbility

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