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The Middle Ages - The Black Death

The Middle Ages - The Black Death An epidemic thought to be bubonic plague that swept across Asia, Africa, and Europe in the 1300s, decimating approximately 1/4th of the known world's population.

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Middle Ages Coat of Arms Project

This excellent Coat of Arms project is great for a unit on the Middle Ages or for a back-to-school "get to know each other activity"! Included is a directions page that gives the historical background of Coats of Arms and heraldry, as well as simple instructions for students on how to create a Coat of Arms. Next is a fantastic printable Coat of Arms template to use in class and a rubric to help with grading. Your students will love making these!


The Medieval Helmet has a long tradition throughout the middle ages and the Medieval Period. It also has many variations that can be found around the world.