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Midcentury Toilet Seats

from Retro Renovation

Toilet seats in 94 colors - for your retro bathroom


Bathroom: common setting in dreams for feelings relating to shame and "release of private emotions". If a dreamer searches for a toilet but cannot find a private location, the dream may indicate fear of expressing one's "private behaviors" in public. If the toilet bowel is backed up or not functioning, difficulty "eliminating" emotions n indicated. Does the dreamer try to control his or her emotions too much?


Handicap-Accessible Bathroom #DisabledBathroomTips >> Find more tips for designing and equipping an accessible bathroom at


Mid-century-yellow bathroom fixtures in a hazy, complicated tone almost impossible to match. The 1940s style ribbed and rounded bathtub remained an industry standard until the late '70s.

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Details about Vintage Mid-Century Gold Toilet Available - Totally Renovated

Vintage Mid-Century Gold Toilet Available - Totally Renovated #AmericanStandard

from Retro Renovation

Toilets & sinks in 10 retro colors from Gerber

Pink toilet and bathroom sink still being manufactured for sale today — plus, nine other retro colors