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Katherine Parr. Part of the images of the wives of Henry VIII, this shows the face and bodice of Katherine Parr in a gorgeous French hood and mid-century dress.


Nicole and Mike McQuade are the husband and wife design-team behind The McQuades. After working independently for a handful of years, they joined forces three years ago and now run their own small design studio from their home in the heart of Haverford Township, Pennsylvania. Besides design, Mike is also an illustrator who has worked for clients that include Time Magazine, Wired, The New York Times and The Atlantic, and Nicole works as a freelance photographer. Together, they share their…


This chart shows the levels of education and certification for varying types of midwives.Becoming a midwife needs no formal education; however, certification programs are a great reflection on your credibility and can help you get jobs. To gain certification, you will be tested in different ways depending upon the program you choose. Your skills, knowledge and experience in midwifery will be evaluated and if you're deemed knowledgeable enough, you will gain the certification.

My Journey to Becoming an IBCLC and How You Can Too... #breastfeeding #nursing #IBCLC

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5 Differences Between My Midwife and Doctor-Assisted Births

Whether you choose doctor or midwife, they should be someone who will empower you and be on your team.

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