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Very useful guide to cooking vegetables. Ive recently started cooking fresh vegetables again after a long stint of using only frozen ones, and the taste difference is IMMENSE. I am even thinking of investing in a steamer because Ive heard wonderful things about them and the health benefits.

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2 Sistema Klip It Microwave Steamer Food Storage Container Tray Vent Locking Lid -- Be sure to check out this awesome product.

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Tupperware smart steamer Cook 11 hard boiled eggs In The microwave in 11 min peeling comes right off

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Pampered chef microwave steamer is great for quickly steaming fruit and veggies for babies who can eat larger pieces of steamed food. This product is big enough that it can steam a substantial amount of food in comparison to a BabyCook or other baby food steamer. This would come in handy if you want to make freezer baby food or have steamed veggies for the whole family.

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Lékué: Steam Case

This silicone microwave steamer, discovered by The Grommet, will encourage you to try out new techniques in the kitchen and make everyday recipes healthier.

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Dr Oz: Microwave Steamer Bags Safety & Is Plastic Microwave-Safe?

Dr Oz set the record straight about the use of Microwaves. What should you know about these appliances? Find out what is a myth whether to use plastic.

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