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Laboratory Values in Microcytic Anemias Cheat Sheet

Microcytic anemia::: iron deficiency is the most common cause and can be ruled out with iron studies... the next 2 causes are anemia of chronic disease and thalassemia... if iron studies come normal and the patient has no chronic disease, check a HEMOGLOBIN ELECTROPHORESIS to diagnose thalassemia's... thalassemia's will also have target cells and nucleated RBC' on peripheral smear

If you have an abnormal MCV blood test, don't let your doctor tell you it's not important! A low mcv and high mcv indicate macrocytosis, microcytosis, microcytic anemia and macrocytic anemia

56-year-old woman referred for treatment of microcytic anemia. Oblique sagittal color Doppler sonographic image shows aneurysm of portal vein at bifurcation (arrow) with turbulent flow.