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Michael Ruppert Dead of Apparent Suicide

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Collapse, 2009. Chris Smith, Michael Ruppert

Michael Ruppert - Confronting The Peak Oil Crisis. The extent the media goes to keep us in the dark. 90% of people still don't know this


the late michael ruppert spared no effort to expose the truth

Collapse (Full Movie) ||| Meet Michael Ruppert, a different kind of American. A former LAPD officer turned independent reporter, he predicted the financial crisis in his self-published newsletter at a time when most Wall St & Washington analysts were still in denial. Director Chris Smith has shown an affinity for outsiders in films like American Movie and The Yes Men..


Apocalypse, Man: Michael C. Ruppert on World's End (Part 1) (+playlist)

Was Michael Ruppert Murdered For Airing Plumegate on LifeBoat Radio? - YouTube