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How to Make a Really Badass Michael Myers Costume for Halloween

It's easy to turn a cheap Michael Myers mask into a really authentic-looking one for Halloween. Just takes a little DIY.

Rob Zombie's Halloween Michael Myers Mask Rob Zombie has poured his twisted vision into one of the best horror icons ever made. This mask does justice to that vision with it’s authentic feel and exquisite attention to detail. Halloween II Michael Myers Mask is top quality. True Michael Myers Halloween fans won’t be disappointed when they sport this super creepy mask.

Michael Myers Mask It’s a classic from a slasher! This Halloween night will be filled with frights with the Deluxe Michael Myers mask. Incredibly well-made. Pulled over the head, this mask is 100% latex with attached brown hair and life-like eyebrows. Molded facial characteristics and eerie weathered finish authenticate “The Shape’s” signature visage.

Michael Myers is our grand finale of decorations, the big kahuna. The Michael Myers tradition started our first year in our first home. ...