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Michael Jackson History - 1995 Who cant forget the famous statue of michael himself. He never looked better This album also had great tracks, a true masterpiece.

isolation was a common theme in this story. Shown is a picture drawn by pop artist Michael Jackson of an isolated child.

Poor Michael, he was forced to grow up and be a successful entertainer at the age of Never even had a chance to grow with those fond childhood memories we remember.

Janet and Michael Jackson on the set of Scream (1995) from Michael's HIStory album.

Janet and Michael Jackson by Steven Paul Whitsitt, 1995 On set of ‘Scream’

A young Michael Jackson - from the Jackson 5 days.

Tribute to the Life of Michael Jackson - Talent & Tragedy - Tribupedia

Michael Jackson the GOLD PANTS!! Am I riiiight !!???

The best world tour was HIStory world tour because it was the best album and frankly just beacause of the outfits!

Diana, w/ Michael Jackson--Michael took the song Dirty Diana out of the concert in Honor Of Lady Diana

♥ Michael Jackson ♥ & Princess Diana - after this meeting they spoke on the phone quite a bit because they could understand what the other is going through

21 yrs ago in MJ HIStory July 1, 1992. The BPI certified album "Thriller" 11x platinum & "Bad" 13x platinum in the UK

21 yrs ago in MJ HIStory July The BPI certified album "Thriller" platinum & "Bad" platinum in the UK