#MichaelJackson loved songs with a spooky theme, including his most famous one of all, #Thriller. But in 1996 he also created another scary music video, the lesser known Ghosts, featuring the hits ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Is It Scary’. Check out the story behind the project in #MakingMichael, which is is available now #MJ #MJFAM #KingOfPop #applehead #MJJ #moonwalker


HAHAHA lol ghosts gif- just saw ghosts for the millionth time- sooo funny OMG and this proves michaels toooootal acting perfection


Is Michael Jackson a Superhero? Find out more about MARVEL deal and other details about Michael's love for comics in this issue! Highlights for Issue 18 : - Exclusive Interview with Nicholas Pike, Composer of 'GHOSTS' - Exclusive Interview with Thomas Yeates, Illustrator of 'Captain Eo Comic Book' and much more! Order today at: http://www.king-of-shop.com/product/issue-18-superhero/


Michael Jackson's Thriller. 1982. For one of my birthdays my parents actually rented the VHS of Thriller and how the made it. It was really neat. This is still a awesome album.

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